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We highly recommend that our guests take advantage of this beautiful location and spend some time nearby. We would love for everyone to spend the full weekend with us (May 27th-May 30th, 2021). There are a plethora of cabins along the lake, as well as other types of stays in the area.  We recommend you book your accommodations as soon as possible to ensure you find a place to stay on the holiday weekend. We recommend that you book a place with a good cancelation or rescheduling policy incase of Covid-19 restrictions. 

Lodging recommendations:


Nantahala Weddings has great recommendations and breaks down what is super close to the venue, consider using their recommendations. 

Nantahala Wedding Venue Recommendations

Airbnb Nantahala Lake

Airbnb Topton, NC (nearest town)

Vrbo Nantahala Lake

Vrbo Topton, NC (nearest town)

Hotels Near Nantahala Lake

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